Forresten #28

This was my second contribution to Forresten. I had previously years earlier sent in a story that was quite frankly pathetic. The main character based on my looks back to that dreaded story.

4 pages.


Forresten #29

A story about my great memories of my late grand uncle that threw the best family parties at the Norwegian national day celebration. Also translated to Swedish for Det grymma svärdet.

4 pages.


Forresten #30

Sci fi comic made together with Anja Dahle Øverbye. She made the first ten pages, and then I made the rest. The story takes place in the future where something has happened so one can’t grow crops anymore on the earth.

10 pages.


Forresten #31

A story about moving to another apartment. This story is also a political contribution to the debate about the horrendous rent situation in Norway and the sky high apartment prices if you can afford to buy.

4 pages.


Forresten #32

An episode about a train trip to Europe to go to the Sziget festival in Hungary. These pages was meant for “Job” (2019), but they didn’t fit the rest of the books profile. I recycled the story to the Forresten anthology instead.

11 pages.