Foto: Alex Asensi, Blank Space

SEPT 29 - NOV 11 2016

Exhibition at Blank Space

Exhibition opened through 24.11.2016
Welcome to Blank Space's newest exhibition!

Jippi Space
A portrait of the future by four Norwegian comic creators

Modern Norwegian comics usually take place in today's reality, keeping both feet planted firmly on the ground. Jippi Comics, however, is releasing stories this fall that pushes the reader into the unknown future. Travel with spaceships floating in an endless universe, live in dystopian prospects boththrough the eyes of the individual and the earth as a whole. As with all good science fiction, the authors also draw from their own experiences and distinctiveness to bring these fantastical stories to life.

Featured artists:
Kristian Hammerstad
Sigbjørn Lilleeng
Anja Dahle Øverbye
Anders Nordmo Kvammen